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Intunewin Packages Store and Factory

On Monday, September 24, at Ignite in Orlando Microsoft announced the new Intune Win32 App-Packaging technology (also named ‘intunewin’). Due to our strong relationship with the Intune product group our RealmJoin ecosystem is already completely adopted to this new format.

That means that the new Intune technology is available to deploy hundreds of ready-to-use Windows application packages from the start. A cloud based package factory is ready to create any custom package request within hours to help customers to deploy 100% cloud managed workplaces - today.

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Intune Cloud Deployment Overview

RealmJoin App Store

Intunewin Packages

We designed a package factory based on modern development best practices. Instead of another incarnation of heavy loaded and aged SCCM or similar package formats and creation processes, the lightweight approach was to create a combination of binaries, metadata and intelligence into a well known package format called NuGet. This format is used by millions of developers every day and proven in uncountable instances. When working with the Intune product group and their design of a modern packaging system for Win32 applications, cloud deployable with the Intune ecosystem it was obvious that their package format was nearly identical to the approach we’ve used for the last years. We transformed our automation code to create the new .intunewin package format and publish the packages directly into the Intune backend. This approach made it possible to offer hundreds of ready-to-deploy packages to a diverse customer audience that are interested in removing the barriers of an on premise bound deployment, in favor of a 100% cloud managed Windows 10 experience.

360° Insights

Intune, Store and Win32 App Management

RealmJoin is an enterprise ready SaaS infrastructure to support AutoPilot, Azure AD, and Intune based Windows deployments, with the necessary companion technology to complete the cloud management picture of modern workplace deployments. While Intune was already great in managing lots of aspects in these scenarios a bunch of missing pieces like seamless Bitlocker rollout, asset and license inventory, legacy identity headaches and most important the deployment of Win32 applications was not ready for large scale deployments.

RealmJoin solves these issues with an AzureAD/Intune integrated combination of a cloud based, multi-tenant operations backend, a lightweight client agent, and a package factory with a peer2peer-enabled CDN. Also, the package management allows application installation on thousands of machines worldwide with moderate bandwidth by using peer caching and offering all necessary extras like dependencies, staggered deployments, and managing the compliance state of devices.

Modern Workplace

Intune operated software deployment

With the release of the new Intune package format in October the RealmJoin SaaS solution will offer the same companion features to the native Intune deployment ecosystem. A modern workplace deployment will be possible with no on-premise dependency by using the AzureAD and Intune in combination with the RealmJoin offered Intune packages. But this journey will not end by deploying the software - the whole lifecycle is cloud managed in an intuitive web portal with full insights about the health and state of all systems and easy assignment of software to AzureAD groups within one dashboard. This is also a great approach to separate the levels of administration and gives first and second level support the tools they need without the learning curve of a full blown Azure portal.

Windows 10 on steroids

Packaging and Friends

The RealmJoin App Store for Microsoft Intune helps to fast start any new project with predictable time and budget. But not only the pre-packaged applications are available for a fixed price. Also the Packaging-as-a-Service offering we provide for all modern workplace projects is a fixed price per package agreement to make your Windows 10 migration a safe and predictable project.

Along with the RealmJoin App Store, there are a few other products worth mentioning.

The migration to Windows 10 is well supported by great Microsoft Offerings, like Windows Analytics. However, when theory meets reality there are always some road-blockers. One issue we currently see is around documents and particularly PST files on local disks. RealMigrator is another SaaS product that helps to get the local data safely and silently migrated. And with Konnekt we provide for Citrix and the Virtual Desktop world, one can integrate OneDrive OnDemand and SharePoint/Office 365 group access without the headaches of massively synced data.

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“Intune finally delivers cloud deployment capabilities for all kind of software - and we're more than happy to provide hundreds of pre-packaged applications into this new ecosystem.”

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